FRA Consulting has its roots in the trading community of the early 1990s.  A group of like-minded individuals from around the world banded together to create a training consortium capable of providing the most desperately needed skill in the marketplace..... practical experience teamed with theoretical knowledge.

While the group was founded around the financial markets basics of Foreign Exchange, Money & Fixed Income markets, Equities & Commodities, its base has since expanded to provide Derivatives, Credit, Risk Management, Operations & IT.  Later, broader areas of banking were included into the repertoire.

With a focus on Asia, FRA Consulting has been an active participant in many of the developing products and market evolution through the 90s and into the 00s.

We have always had the goal of being a participant in the development of specialized programs for governments, financial institutions and individual companies as well as associations, providing them with training programs or consulting customized to meet their particular needs and with the end result always in sight.

Our consultants are required to perform multiple engagement roles including: methodology expert, analyst, facilitator, day-to-day trainers, and practitioners.  Through 'client ownership' & responsibility, our consultants are driven to high performance in a cost & time effective way.

We specialise in providing services in:

 Business Analysis
 Expert Witness
 L&D Solutions
 Design & Strategy

If you are interested in having a genuine needs analysis, contact us.